Bolton NICE

Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprises


We are trying to give Bolton the recycling bug!

We collect and recycle anything that can be reused. This can be furniture, household goods, toys, tools etc.
In fact we will take anything that we can pass on for free to families and individuals in need. We collect from domestic and industrial sites.
We work in partnership with local schools. Moving and recycling unwanted furniture and equipment. Our policy is to give away items to be reused by families or individuals in need of our services, to pass on goods to other charities, to use goods on our projects or other community projects and sell off goods as a last resort to pay for our utility bills or other necessary payments.
This community project can create fulltime employment.

Some of the stuff you can recycle include:

If you would like to recycle any of your items, please give us a call on 07900535403 or pop down to the community centre.